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pockythoughts [userpic]
Weekly Discussion Post: Fate of the Zeo Crystal
by pockythoughts (pockythoughts)

Hey everybody, it's Tuesday night! Time for the weekly discussion post!

This week's topic, as suggested by khandreia : Whatever happened to the Zeo Crystal?

We all know the behind-the-scenes reasons for shifting into Turbo, but no in-universe explanation was ever given. The Zeonizers weren't destroyed onscreen; we see them used in T:APRM and in later seasons as well. So why just up and stop using them? Was there a limitation or danger to using those powers? And if they remained functional, why don't we see them used in situations like "Always a Chance"?


Posted by: rivulet027 (rivulet027)
Posted at: May 24th, 2011 10:54 pm (UTC)

Didn't we find part of it at the museum?

Posted by: Akino Ame (akino_ame)
Posted at: May 25th, 2011 10:39 am (UTC)

The only thing I can think of is that when Kat morphed and hit the water in the movie, she shorted out her Zeonizer. Zordon was already working on the Turbo powers because the Rangers would need the keys to pass through dimensions. When Kat shorted out her morpher, it meant they were down a power as well as a Ranger (Rocky), so they might as well take the completed set and put fixing her Zeonizer on the back burner until the threat of Divatox's wedding was no longer an issue.

As for why they don't use them after--chaos between senior year and choosing new Rangers, more chaos with the Power Chamber being destroyed, and if they'd left their morphers behind, it would make it hard for Adam to use the Zeonizer in "Always a Chance." As for why Tommy uses his Zeonizer in "Forever Red" but Adam doesn't use his in "Once a Ranger," I'm going to assume personal preference: Tommy wanted to be cool in Red and Adam thought Black was cooler than Green.

Posted by: Khandri, the Newtype Wannabe (khandreia)
Posted at: May 25th, 2011 12:07 pm (UTC)
PR - Adam in green (made by me)

I suppose since I suggested this, I should chime in, shouldn't I?

A part of me wants to think that something happened off-screen that caused the Zeo Crystal to become rather unstable. In the eternally in-progress fanfic series I've been working on, in between the last fight in "Good as Gold" and when Rita and Zedd blow up Mondo, Machina, and Sprocket, Mondo makes a last-ditch effort against the Rangers and steals the Zeo Crystal, which ultimately causes the instability. I would like to think this sort of thing could have happened in a similar manner in canon as well, but we just never saw it in the show itself. This in turn would explain why Kat's morph in the movie ended up aborted, and why the Rangers almost had no choice but to switch to the Turbo powers.

As for why it either was or wasn't used again in the future...well, at the time of "Always a Chance," it was likely still in a very unstable state (yes, never mind the fact that Adam turned around and used a broken morpher with a near-powerless Power Coin). But come "Countdown to Destruction," Zordon's energy wave helped to restabilise it to some extent, making it usable for a long enough period that Tommy could use it in "Forever Red." (I also use this theory as to why we would see in that episode, as well as "Once a Ranger," fully-powered, undamaged Power Coins being used without harmful consequences.)

But then...why didn't Adam use those powers in place of the Black Ranger powers? Well, there's the one obvious reason that producers wanted to evoke the MMPR nostalgia, but in canon itself? I guess, while they were the only Ranger powers that were his and his only, Adam just didn't feel enough of a...connection to the Zeo powers like he did with the Mastodon coin he started out with. A desire to go back to a somewhat simpler time (so to speak), perhaps? *shrug* We may never know. Though I do tend to think that the Rangers did keep their Zeonizers, even though they never made use of them after that (Tommy aside), just like how Adam still had the burned-out morpher.

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