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pockythoughts [userpic]
Weekly Discussion Post: Fun With Fanon
by pockythoughts (pockythoughts)
at June 23rd, 2011 (11:50 pm)

Hey, everybody! It's still Thursday night for another 15 minutes, time to get our discussion on!

Additionally, I'd like to apologize for the total lack of discussion post last week. A sudden spike in RL stress resulted in me totally forgetting that it was Thursday until...erm...the following Tuesday. ._. Yep, fail-mod is made of fail.

But do you guys know what isn't made of fail, and is also a wonderful segue into tonight's topic? The fact that EVERY EPISODE of PR is now available for streaming on Netflix! Naturally, I've been doing a fair bit of rewatching of late, as well as introducing my BF to the seasons he hadn't seen before.

And frankly, I wish I had a dollar for every time I've justified an atrocious plot hole or moment of WTF with the words "I have theories about that."

So tell me, fans. What's YOUR favorite bit of headcanon that you've ever come up with? A brilliant plot hole fix, a character backstory, or anything else that makes your perception of the PR-verse a little more interesting.


Posted by: QueenRiley (queenriley)
Posted at: June 24th, 2011 05:44 pm (UTC)
bridge heart with a view

Sam is Bridge's brother. *ducks to avoid things thrown at me*

I could say my entire headcanon for Bridge is my favourite? But most of it's just things I want to happen/could see happening/exploring his Jewish identity that the show sadly didn't bother with. This bit of it actually explains one of the, albeit minor, plot holes I found.

Sam is the last child of the scientists that created the SPD morphers. In the flashback, there was Kat and FIVE adults. Only five. That means one of them had two children. And Bridge (or Z, I guess) is the only one I really see the timeline working for. Jack's parents were missionaries and we have no idea when/if they died/how he ended up on the streets. But he wouldn't have been local for a number of years. Syd would have noticed her mother having an unexplained pregnancy seeing as she is fairly close to her parents, whom are still together. Sky's dad died when Sky was 5 and Sam would have been born when Sky was 10 so unless he came back from the grave, that's a no go. Z ran away when she was a preteen. She would have been about 7 when Sam was born... so if her mom and dad were divorced it's possible, but we just don't know. They couldn't have been stellar parents in the first place since she ran away and lived on the streets with Jack and they apparently never tried to find her.

We know nothing about Bridge's dad. NOTHING. He talks about his mom, but never his dad. So I like to think his dad left when he was very young (I have fanfic about this). Bridge's powers would have had a far more drastic effect on him as a baby/toddler than any of the other powers, so his dad could have left because he couldn't handle it (parents of children with special needs have a drastically higher risk of divorce). Found another woman after a number of years, and then Sam came along. Not being able to handle having a second child with the genetic mutation, he offed himself. I actually have a whole fic that semi-deals with this theory (the 8 Chanukah stories in my Bridge Holiday Series).

Besides, Sam looks more like Bridge than he does anyone else on the team. Which isn't saying much, but still. :P

Hey, I never said it actually made sense. But it's all mine and I love it anyway.

Posted by: QueenRiley (queenriley)
Posted at: June 24th, 2011 05:47 pm (UTC)
jayden and antonio 1

Oh, and a side note... SPD is now alternate universe in my mind, even though I had it squarely in the main PR universe for awhile. Kind of makes me sad, but I can't shoehorn it in anymore. The timeline wont' work.

Sky would be 5 years old for the current (2011) ranger team, and it would be this team that his father would be serving on and dying for. There is NO WAY Jayden has a son. :D

Posted by: The Analyzer (acmeeoy)
Posted at: June 24th, 2011 07:16 pm (UTC)

Whenever a PR season has to fit into an alternate universe like RPM, I always remind myself that doesn't make crossovers improbable (For other fandoms, dimension hopping from one universe to another deletes the problem of trying to mesh seemingly contradictary canons into one world).

Posted by: pockythoughts (pockythoughts)
Posted at: June 25th, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)
cruger lineface

One of the things that I tend to be particularly stubborn about with PR theory is the notion that there is one timeline and everything's in it. IDK why general concensus on RPM is that it's AU in the first place, since it's far enough in the future that it doesn't buck any of the other seasons. I'm also rather in love with the idea that the slightly paranoid and Big Brotherish nature of Time Force came about as a reactionary response to the world's near-destruction by Venjix.

But I digress. Making a case for SPD's place in the main timeline - and really, an awful lot of other timeline WTFery in PR - requires two beliefs:

1) It is possible to have more than one Ranger team active at a time, and acting in complete independence from one another.

2) There is always - ALWAYS - Ranger-related activity going on offscreen that is entirely unrelated to the team being followed on the TV series.

2 is really the important one, because I use it to justify all sorts of shit. Like where/when/how Lightspeed was commissioned. Or why the heck nobody noticed Tommy's grad school shenanigans with Mercer and the Dino Gems until it became relevant to DinoThunder.

There can very easily be SPD activity happening offscreen while Samurai is taking place. We know Earth has active relations with other planets by this point (Thanks to events of PRiS and Lost Galaxy). We know that aliens are starting to turn up on Earth (Thanks to Piggy's cameo in...what was it, Mystic Force? I so don't remember). And we know from Cruger's backstory that SPD is a lot larger and a lot older than what we see on Earth in the series proper. If Earth and its SPD branch are a fairly new addition to the larger SPD organization, the parents of B-Squad might have been some type of pilot program for instituting SPD Ranger teams on Earth. (Which also might explain the genetic mutations that occurred in their children, if the team was an experiment.) And just as we see extraterrestrials attending the SPD academy on Earth, it's likely that B-Squad's parents did a lot of what they were doing offworld, putting them further out of what might be noticed or commented on by the series itself. And then the pilot program ended in disaster with the death of Sky's dad, possibly slowing down the progression of Earth's participation in SPD by a few years and possibly explaining why some of the other team members did such a spectacularly piss-poor job raising their children.

Posted by: pockythoughts (pockythoughts)
Posted at: June 25th, 2011 10:46 am (UTC)
cruger lineface

Your Bridgecanon makes me smile. Although possibly I'm biased because most things Bridge-related make me smile. But mainly I think I'm just glad that someone is THINKING about SPD and the backstories of these characters.

Posted by: QueenRiley (queenriley)
Posted at: June 25th, 2011 11:27 am (UTC)

I spend far too much of my time thinking about SPD and backstories. :D In fact, it's the first series I ran to when Netflix put all the episodes up on instant streaming.

And Bridge is my favourite character EVER.

Posted by: Rosabel (rosabelle)
Posted at: June 24th, 2011 09:14 pm (UTC)
power rangers - andros/ash/zhane

Hmm, well, my "Andros and Karone have two mommies" theory comes from the first minute of this episode, where they totally fail at using the same voice actress for all of Karone's flashbacks. XD

I also say that Turtle Cove and Silver Hills are both in California no matter what word of god says, because the crossover makes NO SENSE if Silver Hills is in Washington and Turtle Cove is in Colorado. (Also, doesn't Cole row row row his boat from the South American rain forest populated with monkeys from Africa up to a beach?)

Ooh, and lot of the PR cast has also guest-starred on Cold Case, so it's now my headcanon that these two happen in the same universe and that Danny worked briefly at a gay bar in Philadelphia. :D

Posted by: Chimera (y2jdingo)
Posted at: June 25th, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)
apathy hypocrisy

it's now my headcanon that these two happen in the same universe and that Danny worked briefly at a gay bar in Philadelphia. :D

I like this idea muchly.

Posted by: pockythoughts (pockythoughts)
Posted at: June 25th, 2011 10:44 am (UTC)
max/danny yay

Who the devil ever said Turtle Cove is in Colorado? O_o

I'm of the mindset that most, if not all, PR takes place in California or the general vicinity. My theory is that there's a reason why evil seems to be attracted and concentrated there, having something to do with the energy fields of the planet. And that's why Zordon built the Command Center there in the first place.

Also? I would like 'Danny at a gay bar' fic immediately, please.

Posted by: revieloutionne (revieloutionne)
Posted at: June 29th, 2011 07:38 am (UTC)

Who the devil ever said Turtle Cove is in Colorado?

The man in charge of the season (I forget if Amit was head writer, producer, or what, but titles within MMPR Productions are frequently much narrower than the person's responsibilities anyway. Everyone did everything, for a while at the beginning, and that never entirely went away).

But California still gets a ridiculously disproportionate number of villains targeting it, so your theories can still hold. Canonically, Master Org is in Turtle Cove because he's in Adler, and Adler is in TC because that's where he went back home to, so the California energy weirdness would have nothing to do with it even if TC is in CA.

Posted by: Akino Ame (akino_ame)
Posted at: June 26th, 2011 02:20 pm (UTC)

Two theories here, and I'm starting with the shortest first.

Power Rangers in Space
I see a lot in fanon that Andros and Zhane had another team before "From Out of Nowhere," but the evidence doesn't really seem to support it. In their flashbacks, we only see the two of them. No mention is made of other Rangers, and Zhane even notes that he's never met a female Power Ranger before Ashley--though, I'll admit that you can argue that it means that Pink and Yellow could have been male on KO-35.

But I believe that there were only two Rangers and it's because of peacetime military. KO-35 didn't have much of value, as Darkonda said, so there was no reason for a long time for Dark Specter to take interest in it. Because of this, KO-35 became very lax in their homeworld security, keeping a bare minimum of Rangers active and completely disarming them. Hell, their flagship Megazord was completely unable to configure because the other half of it was somehow left on Earth!

Andros and Zhane became Rangers at the absolute worst time. Fighting had suddenly increased, and the villains of the universe were banding together. And then the invasion happened, and they were completely overwhelmed--which I believe was Dark Specter's plan all along, to keep the colony in a false sense of security before conquering it totally. Despite the Silver Ranger's strength being legendary, the two of them were completely overpowered, as was the Planetary Defense Force. Without the resources to fight back to save their planet, KO-35 was evacuated and spent most of their time hiding until Zhane returned and really gave them a fighting chance.

Posted by: Akino Ame (akino_ame)
Posted at: June 26th, 2011 02:41 pm (UTC)

And a longer one for theory two:

I subscribe to the alternate universe theory when it comes to RPM. While we don't see any actual dates given, the technology available in the prologue puts that portion no later than 200X--some unknown date between 2000-2009. So the Battle of Corinth may have happened around 2009 with the prologue in 2006, and then RPM in 2010. This effs up the timeline, so I think it all comes down to a major divergence: Rita Repulsa never was freed. Or rather, NASA got less funding.

In the main PR timeline (well, at least from MMPR through JF--who knows about Samurai anymore), NASA was able to send a shuttle to the moon, or wherever Rita's dumpster was buried. Rita escaped, and this was all over the news, since as far as I can remember, the mission was a live broadcast. Even if Rita kept her attacks localized to a single city in California, the government still knew about this alien escape. Which meant they had to invest more and more into NASA and space defense. Treaties against the militarization of space were thrown out in the face of alien invasion. This led to NASADA, which seems to be the defense side, and it housed alien technology. Terra Venture was created, likely as a last resort in case the Earth was rendered incapable of supporting life. A space center was also set up in Mariner Bay, and the Lightspeed project researched the Omega Zords and the Max Solarzord, which were space-capable.

But in RPM, Rita never escaped because NASA never got the funding necessary to develop technology to get us to the moon or wherever. Terra Venture was still under construction, which I'll get to in a bit, but it was mostly ignored. Instead, the most important thing was forming a World Internet Federation to ensure peace in cyberspace. But just in case certain governments became a threat to the United States, Alphabet Soup developed the Venjix Virus to knock out rogue military computers. Then it got out when Dr. K tried to break herself, Gem, and Gemma out of the facility.

With Venjix attacking all over the world and nuking the planet, everything was becoming a desert wasteland--and that's where Terra Venture comes in. The space colony had never been completed, thanks to lack of funding, but the City Dome had already been completed. This was relocated wholesale to where Corinth stands now, with every expert available building an electronic shield to protect it from Venjix. This explains how such a massive biodome with a city inside could have been built in only three years.

But because Rita never escaped, that means that the Power Coins still exist and are waiting for teenagers with attitude to claim them. So I also think that the Command Center is still standing, and in the beginning of Venjix's attack, Zordon gathered some teens from the nearby Angel Grove to take those powers and defend the last pockets of humanity against the machines.

(Deleted comment)
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